First Presbyterian Church  Oceanside, New York


About Us

Who are we?    How are we organized? 


The First Presbyterian Church of Oceanside, is a member church of the Presbytery of Long Island, the Synod of the North East, and the Presbyterian Church USA.  Our church is also an active member of the Oceanside Interfaith Council which includes the Oceanside Methodist Church, Oceanside Lutheran Church, St. Anthony’s Roman Catholic Church,  St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Temple Avodah, and Oceanside Jewish Center. 

As a Presbyterian Church we are reformed and “always being reformed”.  We follow the constitution as defined in the Book of Order.  As stated in the Book of Order “ All ministry in the Church is a gift from Jesus Christ.  Members and officers alike serve mutually under the mandate of Christ who is the chief minister of all.  His ministry is the basis of all ministries; the standard for all offices is the pattern of the one who came “not to be served but to serve”.”   The Pastor  is a Minister of the Word and Sacrament.  Elders, elected by the Congregation form The Session.  Together with the Pastor, they exercise leadership, government, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of our particular church as well as the church at large, including ecumenical relationships 

Deacons are also elected by the congregation and they minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith as is described in the Scriptures.

Elders and the Pastor serve on committees of Presbytery, and attend the regular meetings of the Presbytery.  The Presbytery of Long Island includes all of the Presbyterian Church located on Long Island from the Nassau County line to the eastern end of the island. 

In our church Session and the Board of Deacons meets monthly September through June and as is needed.  Each meeting includes a joint session of the two Boards at the beginning and then the group has their separate concurrent meetings.   Each meeting opens and closes with prayer as we seek to praise and seek the guidance of God and the Holy Spirit in our deliberations. 

Session at each meeting reviews and approves the agenda, minutes of previous meetings, a report from the Pastor, and the report of the finances of the church.  There are Session Committees which include the following:  Nominating, Church Life, Worship, Christian Education, Use of Building, Mission, Building and Grounds, Stewardship, and Membership and Evangelism.  The committees are led by an Elder and include members of the congregation. 


The Deacon assignments include Paraments, Secretary, Treasurer and Care and Concern, Transportation, Ushers, Flowers, Adopt a Family , Community Service and Vice President. 

There is a President of the Corporation.


For questions regarding the work of the Session or Deacons or to contact a member of either Board please call the church office at 516-766-5916.



We believe that the mission of our church is to worship and praise God as made known in the scriptures.  We are called to educate people of all ages toward a deeper understanding of their own faith; God’s grace and forgiveness; their relationship with others; and their responsibilities as stewards of God’s world.  We are to grow in fellowship as the Body of Christ, working in faithful witness to spread the Good News of God’s love to our congregation, our community and our world.




We believe. ..

·         The purpose of our church is to worship and praise God and thank him for the gift of his son Jesus Christ.

·         The Bible contains the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ and is our guide for living as God intended.

·         Worship is the central activity of our congregational life.

·         Prayer, both personal and corporate, is of great importance in the faith life of the members of our congregation.

·         Through our worship and prayer God equips us to minister to God’s people.

·         We are all human and subject to human frailties but through the life and work of Jesus Christ we are forgiven.

·         The Christian life is an offering of one’s self to God.

·         It is the responsibility of the church to attend to spiritual and physical needs of its members, caring for the whole person in a loving family relationship.

·         Our chief purpose is to glorify and enjoy God forever.




From the Mission Study Report     March 2007